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Singapore, Hong Kong - February 12th, 2020 - The Emerging Technologies Development Laboratory (EmTDLab) has publicly launched Space Div., a new business line that develops advanced materials for space radiation protection during the Global Space & Technology Conference hosted by the Singapore Space & Technology Association on February 7th. EmTDLab is the sole privately owned, non academic, non military venture with European roots based in South East Asia that conducts research and development in that matter.


Within the next decade many more astronauts will be travelling in deep space. Return to the Moon, asteroid mining, a moon gateway and a journey to Mars are already on the agenda of space agencies and private launchers.


New technological capabilities are needed for radiation shielding to equip spaceships. Space radiation is the most dangerous aspect of travelling beyond the protection of earth’s magnetic field: high energy protons, electrons, galactic cosmic rays and secondary neutrons.  On the International Space Station, astronauts receive over ten times the radiation than what’s occurring on Earth.


Exposure to radiation can damage DNA and impact both to the organism itself and to future generations of space explorers. The induction of cancer is a concern, but damage to the central nervous system is also mission compromising. Moreover, the effects of cosmic radiation on microelectronics are also a major concern for the safety in spaceflight. The charge generated by energetic particles in spacecraft electronics can upset microcircuit functions and eventually lead to catastrophic failures.


EmTDLab develops advanced capabilities to extend human existence to deep space. The first priority is to develop materials that will significantly minimize the exposure of the human body and on-board electronics to space radiation. Our goal is to reduce the radiation risk for the crew to a level As Low As Reasonably Achievable - ALARA. Ideally, this level down where the risk for radiation exposure in space is comparable to the one on Earth.


The structural configuration of the spacecraft shield is EmTDLab’s starting point to improve radiation protection. EmTDLab builds prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility and commercial viability of radiation protection systems. The research will lead to applications for space, air and Earth-based systems that are sensitive to radiation.


“EmTDLab reflects my 25 years of passion for space exploration and more importantly the 15 years of professional experience I have in technological innovation, nanotechnology & advanced materials. EmTDLab captures the essence of what is true innovation leadership at work and what it means for the world. I am passionate about technology as one of the fundamental leverages for human development towards a sustainable, liveable future on Earth and beyond,” said Cedric Thiry, EmTDLab’s CEO and Head of Systems Engineering.


Space Radiation Protection Technologies - SRPT is the code-name for the project since its start in June 2018. The public announcement comes as the first milestone has been reached by EmTDLab this February 7th, namely the basic research phase is complete. EmTDLab now enters the phase of research to feasibility. This second phase is supported by a crowdfunding campaign to fund hardcore research item such as intellectual property and early stage scientific collaborations.


About EmTDLab


EmTDLab Space Div. is conducting research on new advanced materials to protect astronauts and electronics on-board spacecraft traveling beyond the Earth’s protective magnetic field. Deep space refers to the vast, unexplored region of space that extends beyond our Moon, to Mars and across our solar system.


EmTDLab is a venture and brand created in June 2018. The venture was initially hosting the technological innovation consulting services of its daughter company SEED Advisory Limited (Hong Kong). Following internal proprietary R&D work performed until January 2020, the company now exclusively focuses on the Space Radiation Protection Technologies.


EmTDLab’s Research Program Office is currently based in Hong Kong SAR. The Innovation, Research and Development facilities are being set-up in Singapore. The venture will establish strategic partnerships with local governments and private space agencies. Scientific, engineering and commercial partnerships will be made to contribute to national ecosystems such as advanced materials capabilities for satellite technology in Singapore, Smart Cities and Ageing Well in Hong Kong SAR, Asteroid Mining in Luxembourg and High Throughput Materials development in Belgium.


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