As a strategy & technology consulting company, we exist to create value for our clients, our business partners, the society, the environment, …, for you.

In recent years, we have shaped our activity in response to important global trends – Precision Medicine, e-Health and Lifestyle Diagnostic - and we have set SEED Advisory on a path to growth.


Our unique technology-innovation-based business model is at the heart of our approach. Combined with our scientific and engineering know-how this gives us a clear competitive edge. Today, we have all the right elements in the right place. So, we are all set to create your success and are always looking for new ways to create enduring value for our clients.


We offer a one stop shopping customer decision journey.

EmTDLab One Stop-Shopping Biotechnology Services Solutions


  • EmTDLAb is the sole customer-intimate strategy and technological innovation consulting provider based in Singapore & Hong Kong to serve highly innovation-driven and technology intensive such as Biotechnology Companies.
  • We start, grow and transform companies along two axis:
    • The product development life-cycle, from R&D to commercialisation
    • The company life-cycle from startup phase, pre-IPO phase, listing, growth, maturity and exit / take-over.
  • We offer specialised functional services to support the entire organisational value chain of biotech and pharma companies.
  • We link-up the Singapore, Hong Kong, China Mainland and Taiwan Region ecosystem of Biotech Companies with the Flanders’ Belgium Biotech Cluster, one of the world leading cluster of biotech research, entrepreneurship and operations in the world.


EmTDLAb has been active in the field of strategy and technological innovation consulting in Belgium, Hong Kong and Singapore since 2012 (Through its holding company SEED Advisory). EmTDLAb's founding CEO has been himself working as CTO and co-CEO of a biotech company in Belgium. Thanks to this former collaboration EmTDLAb has created a unique network of expert consultants specialised in Biotech and pharma sector for companies from the start-up phase, to growth, maturity and exit stages. The network of expert is made of consultants who can take global assignments to address short, medium and long term challenges faced by the Biotechs.