Why Invest?

Joining our team of early stage backers will make you part of a unique project that will allow deep space exploration and planet colonization a realistic success: we are advancing the future of space exploration by supporting human travel to space. 


EmTDLab develops advanced capabilities to extend human existence to deep space. The first priority is to develop materials that will significantly minimize the exposure of the human body and on-board electronics to space radiation. Our goal is to reduce the radiation risk for the crew to a level As Low As Reasonably Achievable - ALARA. Ideally, this level down where the risk for radiation exposure in space is comparable to the one on Earth.


Exposure to radiation can damage DNA and impact both the organism itself and future generations of space explorers DNA. The induction of cancer is a concern, but damage to the central nervous system is also mission compromising. Moreover, the effects of cosmic radiation on microelectronics are also a major concern for the safety in spaceflight. The charge generated by energetic particles in spacecraft electronics can upset micro-circuit functions and eventually lead to catastrophic failures.

The Way Forward

The initial phase of the project (Phase 0) has been covered by self-financing (also called "Bootstrapping"). This allowed EmTDLab to achieve its first milestone by January 2020: the basic research was completed (Technology Readiness Level 1, or in short TRL 1).


By 31st of July 2020 we have completed our TRL 2 by elaborating:

  • our technology concept (Phase 1.2): Space Radiation Protection Technologies for in-use engineering configuration
  • our technology application (Phase 2.2): Systematic Materials Discovery Algorithm Concept

To allow moving forward in our research road-map we are currently looking to finance our proof-of-concept.

EmTDLab Product Development Roadmap & Investment

The total seed funding we need for this phase amounts to USD 500k and to should be raised by Q1 2021 to accelerate the overall project.


This phase welcomes:

  • Public Funding
  • Early Stage VC
  • Angel Investors