Why Invest?

Today, the commercial space sector is booming. Tomorrow, larger crews, satellite constellations and robots will populate new orbits and planets. However, space radiation is currently the most limiting factor for long-distance space travel. It poses the biggest threat to human health and on-board systems, possibly putting a halt to it.


ODYSSEUS, a venture with a systemic vision, has developed a proprietary materials informatics (M.I.) method to discover entirely new materials that will protect spaceship crews and satellites on-board electronics form those harmful radiation.


The venture tackles and solves a significant pain point, targeting a niche segment of activity domain – materials informatics for space radiation protection. It is tailoring its services and products to the needs of the “New Space” industry and to the needs of established aerospace companies.


ODYSSEUS makes use of its unique competitive advantage (unique and proprietary M.I. method) to blow away 60 years of trial-and-error radiation shielding development, by sidestepping the incumbents who haven’t grasped that a new generation of advanced materials is to be designed by computer.


ODYSSEUS addresses four markets segments – space agencies, private aerospace companies, radiation-hardened electronics manufacturers and commercial-off-the-shelf components suppliers, over three key regions – North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company services and products mix translates into 14 specific offerings, targeting a total market value of 23.8bn € (global aerospace and defence materials market size), an accessible.


The venture’s strategy is to offer a product that is needed since 1958 when space radiation where discovered and that can be sold in the market at premium prices, while relying on lean capital expenditures, taking advantage of advances in 3D printing. The strategy’s early stage success is already confirmed by

(i) an early-adopter interested to co-create product for its space station and on-board electronics shielding,

(ii) a competitor offering to upsell

ODYSSEUS product, complementing their own solution and,

(iii) an online platform willing to distribute ODYSSEUS’ Minimum Viable Product when ready.


Today, ODYSSEUS is thirty months distant from delivering its Minimum Viable Product to the market: smart shields for spacecraft electronics, reaching break-even within three years, and projected profitability within five years. Early stage revenues will be generated from Year 1, relying on already-developed in-house competencies, selling the acquired radiation shielding engineering competencies.


The venture is now at an inflexion point where a combination of private and public investment, will keep ODYSSEUS ahead of the competition and enable to hit the window of opportunity created by the booming commercial, scientific and exploration new space age.


ODYSSEUS’s plan relies on three years of R&D foundations (2018), a highly defendable international patenting strategy (2020), and a network of industrial capabilities for R&D collaborations and manufacturing (2018-2021). However, the current core team is and will be the main reason of success, building upon 18 years of experience in successful high-tech start-ups and large corporations.


ODYSSEUS is at the forefront of Key Enabling Technologies development, throughout its breakthrough research and innovation in advanced manufacturing, advanced materials and artificial intelligence. ODYSSEUS integrates the fast and comprehensive changes in science and technology that are currently transforming the New Space economy, generating new markets, and developing new space exploration capabilities.


[1] Global markets sizes are extracted from external market valuation reports.