Biotech's Next Challenge

Biotech's without revenue can apply to list in Hong Kong from Monday 30 April 2018 under new rules aimed at attracting listings, mostly from China’s fast-developing market. The move is part of a bold effort to rival New York’s Nasdaq and NYSE, the biggest and best-known finance hub for biotech companies. Just 3% of all Hong Kong-listed stocks, by capitalisation, come from tech sectors as well as biotech, compared to 60% for Nasdaq and 47% for the NYSE. 


However, this influx of biotech's willing to go IPO may fall short due to the Hong Kong’s limited expertise in the field. It is not easy to hire the right professionals as there’s a limited pool globally who truly understand the industry. Hong Kong really need sector specialists to run biotech deals . One example is the lack of expertise from bankers to perform the due diligence process. 


EmTDLab is the sole customer-intimate strategy and technological innovation consulting provider based in Singapore & Hong Kong to serve highly innovation-driven and technology intensive such as Biotechnology Companies.

Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosis

In an attempt to overcome limitations inherent in conventional computer-aided diagnosis, EmTDLab is looking to develop programs that simulate human reasoning. Hopes that such a strategy would lead to clinically useful programs have not been fulfilled, but many of the problems impeding creation of effective artificial intelligence programs have been solved. Strategies have been developed to limit the number of hypotheses that a program must consider and to incorporate patho-physiologic reasoning. The latter innovations permit a program to analyse cases in which one disorder influences the presentation of another. Prototypes embodying such reasoning can explain their conclusions in medical terms that can be reviewed by the user. Despite these advances, further major research and developmental efforts are necessary. This is where EmTDLab is willing to make a breakthrough to create the first AI-driven diagnosis algorithm or "AI Doctor" in short. Our research is based on three years of observations and feasibility studies in the field. Our approach is to work in an integrated fashion between the different highly specialised fields of expertise required, medicine and informatics being the two prominent ones. EmTDLab is looking to raise funds to finance the theoretical model first, followed by the algorithm prototype.

Wearable Technologies for Health

The technological advancement in wearable electronics, help the user to avail advanced features and characteristics. The first form of electronic wearable electronic device was a calculator watch. Wearable devices, such as wrist bands, watches which can record audio, video and process data on the go was seen as something very futuristic, however advancements made in the past decade has made it possible for users to realize the potential of these devices in the current age. ‘Wearable technology’ forayed in as a technological advancement only a decade ago, and the interest in this sector still continues to grow. The interest is mostly led by wearable fitness trackers, smart watches, bands. Lately, such is the impact of these wearable devices, that now mobile operators are moving towards offering smart watches along with fitness trackers, or smart phones with smart watches as part of a bundled deal to woo customers. Our objective at EmTDLab is to develop wearable device suited for mobile diagnostics, both extracutaneous and intracutaneous. We typically co-develop these projects within our customers own laboratories and facilities.

Ageing Well Initiatives

Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability in the world. The current global health challenge is the rise in chronic diseases along with a rapidly aging population i.e a “perfect storm” that is leading to dire healthcare and economic consequences. Lost in the current medically driven approach (i.e. treatment once ill) is the potential of disease prevention. Improving population health through the development of new technologies and applications to prevent disease and promote healthy aging and wellness will create a whole new sector of the health industry To accelerate evidence based solutions into practical use, EmTDLab brings together research and academic experts  and operators specializing in building private hospitals and residential homes, social enterprises, start-ups and corporations with “big data” analytic capabilities, fosters research-to-application test labs that assess and validate newly devised sensors, instruments, and computational tools and collaborates with the private investment community to translate research validated technologies into commercial healthcare solutions.