From Inception to Space Div. Launch

EmTDLab stands for Emerging Technologies Development Laboratory. At the origin and before the creation of EmTDLAb as a brand, we used to conduct technological innovation project through SEED Advisory limited or "SEED", a strategy and technology consultancy founded in April 2011 in Belgium, followed by a sister company of the same name in Hong Kong SAR (HK) in February 2012. From 2012 to 2017 all the technology, science and engineering consultancy work was conducted under "SEED". With time passing by and accumulating successful projects years after years, it became obvious that there were two stream of consulting going on under SEED: (1) business types of assignments, typically those one would refer as "management consulting" and "strategy advisory and (2) science, engineering and product development.


From 2017 until May 2018, technology consulting activities continued through SEED Advisory. In June 2018 EmTDLab was created as a brand hosted by SEED Advisory Limited Hong Kong to create a different positioning. Engineering and go-to-market services were proposed in different field of activities: Space Exploration, Smart Cities and Life. While professional advisory and design services were proposed during that period, basic research was performed regarding (deep) space radiation and their impact on living organisms and electronics on-board space craft. After several months of scientific investigation and literature research, the project proved to be desirable to the space explorer community, viable in terms of financials and feasible in terms of technology development.


On January 1st, 2020 EmTDLab Space Div. - standing for space division, was created as a sub-brand / brand division to clearly define the scope of research being conducted. EmTDLab Space Div. is the host Brand and division for the Space Radiation Protection Technologies project, or SRPT as a code name and acronym.

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