Today, the space sector is booming. Tomorrow, larger crews, satellite constellations and robots will populate new orbits and planets. However, space radiation is still the most limiting factor for sustainable spacecraft operations in the New Space era. Radiation poses the biggest threat to human health and on-board electronics, possibly putting a halt to current geopolitical, economic and technological ambitions of space fairing nations. Current radiation shielding solutions are either inefficient from an economic and technical point of view or completely absent from the newest ships for deep space travel. EmTDLab is the sole company that tackles the radiation problem shielding at a fundamental level.

EmTDLab has developed a patented Materials Informatics process to discover and produce a generation of entirely new shielding materials that will protect spacecraft’s, their crews and on-board electronics from those threats. This process, combining the most advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms with cutting-edge advanced materials science, will provide capabilities that were not available until now for the full enablement of space exploration.