Our Story · 03. March 2020
Cedric Thiry, CEO & Head of Systems Engineering of EmTDLab Space Division has been invited by the Singapore Space & Technology Association (SSAT) to present his Space Radiation Protection Technologies (SRPT) at the occasion of the Global Space & Technology Conference organised in Singapore on February 6th & 7th, 2020.
Radiation · 25. February 2020
What did we used in the Sixties during Apollo program to shield Astronauts?
Press Release · 12. February 2020
Singapore, Hong Kong - February 12th, 2020 - The Emerging Technologies Development Laboratory (EmTDLab) has publicly launched Space Div., a new business line that develops advanced materials for space radiation protection during the Global Space & Technology Conference hosted by the Singapore Space & Technology Association on February 7th.
Our Story · 06. February 2020
D-Day for @emtdlab . Public launch of our Materials fore Space Radiation Protection Program (Phase 1) at the occasion of Global Space & Technology Conference @SingaporeSpace
Radiation · 31. January 2020
The Explorer I satellite was NASA's first scientific satellite launched on 31.01.58. It carried the radiation detection experiment designed by Dr. Van Allen and discovered the Van Allen Radiation Belt.
Our Story · 14. January 2020
Our Crowdfunding campaign pre-launch page is live now. Follow-us on Indiegogo Sign-up on the platform and be among the first privileged backers. You will also receive the latest updates and news from the campaign. We will keep our follower community updated with the latest development of our fundraising campaign and technology road map. Key events will be covered and reported on the various social media. Project to crowd fund: Space Exploration: Radiation Protection Materials, code-name SRPT....
Our Story · 01. January 2020
The origin of EmTDLAb, its roots and early days development from inception in June 2018 to the launch of EmTDLab Space Div. in January 2020. As with every new venture the history is important. It tells the context in which it was created, and the motivation at the heart of the founder's initiative. In this post we cover the key events and milestones reached over hat period of time.
Radiation · 05. December 2019
NASA has launched a spacecraft to the sun that will fly closer to our star than anything ever sent before. The Parker Solar Probe rocketed away from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on August 12, 2018.
Our Story · 01. November 2019
EmTDLAb Space Division confirms its participation to the GSTC hosted by the SSTA in Singapore.