What is our mission?

EmTDLab Space Div. is conducting research on new advanced materials to protect astronauts and electronics on-board spacecraft traveling beyond the Earth’s protective magnetic field. Deep space refers to the vast, unexplored region of space that extends beyond our Moon, to Mars and across our solar system.


EmTDLab is a venture and brand created in June 2018. The venture was initially hosting the technological innovation consulting services of its daughter company SEED Advisory Limited (Hong Kong). Following internal proprietary R&D work performed until January 2020, the company now exclusively focuses on the Space Radiation Protection Technologies project.


EmTDLab’s Research Program Office is currently based in Hong Kong SAR. The Innovation, Research and Development facilities are being set-up in Singapore. The venture will establish strategic partnerships with local governments and private space agencies. Scientific, engineering and commercial partnerships will be made to contribute to national ecosystems such as advanced materials capabilities for satellite technology in Singapore, Smart Cities and Ageing Well in Hong Kong SAR, Asteroid Mining in Luxembourg and High Throughput Materials development in Belgium.

Application Design

 The structural configuration of the spacecraft shield is EmTDLab’s starting point to improve radiation protection. EmTDLab builds prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility and commercial viability of radiation protection systems. The research will lead to applications for space, air and Earth-based systems that are sensitive to radiation.