Artificial Intelligence Powering Materials Science

We develop engineering materials using systematic materials discovery techniques. New materials have historically been discovered by either trial-and-error processes or serendipity, both of which require labour-intensive and challenging experiments. Our century is witnessing the evolution of computational materials science from a mostly interpretative tool to a predictive one. This progress has a direct impact on industry: it is becoming possible to formulate the macroscopic properties desired for a given application and exploit computers to predict a number of promising candidate materials with such properties to be tested in the laboratory. This not only greatly accelerates the pace of materials discovery, but also promises to lead to materials with unprecedented properties. 

Core Technology

Space Application Design

The structural configuration of the spacecraft shield is EmTDLab’s starting point to improve radiation protection. EmTDLab builds prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility and commercial viability of radiation protection systems. The research will lead to applications for space, air and Earth-based systems that are sensitive to radiation.

Terrestrial Applications

Custom shielding solutions extend to healthcare, energy, and defense sectors