Who are we?


Cedric Thiry is the driving force behind EmTDLab, leading innovative advancements in space and materials technology. With two decades of experience, Cedric possesses a blend of inventive acumen, entrepreneurial skills, and global leadership. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of EmTDLab, Cedric brings extensive expertise. He founded and led SEED Advisory, an executive consultancy serving high-tech industries across Europe and Asia. At SEED, he held co-CEO and CTO positions at a biotechnology venture in Leuven, Belgium, contributing to the development of pioneering sensing technologies for diagnostics using gold nanoparticles.



Before his entrepreneurial ventures, Cedric worked as an executive project manager at Umicore, a circular materials technology company in Belgium. He initiated transformative programs across 150 global entities, focusing on process improvements in China's manufacturing plants and implementing an integrated R&D management tool. Cedric's academic journey includes a Commercial Engineering degree and a BSc in Economics from the Louvain School of Management. He furthered his knowledge in aeronautics, aerospace engineering, research & development, system engineering, and materials informatics through a two-year academic program in 2018. Recognized for his potential, Cedric participated in the Singapore Space & Technology accelerator in 2020, receiving mentorship from experts in the aerospace industry and space agencies.