Who are we?

Human susceptibility to the harsh space radiation environment has been identified as being a major hurdle for exploration beyond low Earth orbit. Bringing those space radiation down to a level "as low as reasonably achievable" is the mission I pursue at EmTDLab: Cedric R. G. Thiry, EmTDLab.’s CEO and Head of Systems Engineering.


Cedric Thiry has 25 years of passion for space exploration, 15 years of experience managing complex technologies and created 2 self-owned  profitable ventures in the last 8 years. Even before University graduation he was involved in Miniaturised Particle Accelerators and Carbon Nanotubes Catalysis, while being a Strategy & Technology Projects Pioneer.


In his corporate life he worked in Building & Advanced Materials, Catalysis, Thin Films, Battery Materials, Precious Metals Chemistry and Platinum Nanoparticles industries taking the roles of CFO and CTO Project Manager.


In his entrepreneurial life, he took roles of Co-CEO, CTO and inventor in the field of Electronics & Gold Nanoparticles Integration in Sensing Device. In June 2018 the Space Radiation Protection Technologies - SRPT Project was initiated, reaching a first milestone in January 2020, the completion of Basic Research.

Organisational Model

Last update: 17 August 2020

Our organisation will grow with the need for additional research capabilities and resources (Skillset and Workload Capacity). This model will evolve based on our monthly research outcome. Some skills were anticipated in 2018 while other skill-set might be required in 2020 and 2021. The roles are color-coded as follow: green outline - the role is fulfilled, orange outline - the role is not fulfilled but profiles have been identified, red outline - profiles need to be identified and appointed.

We welcome spontaneous applications for full-time roles, part-time roles, contractors and internship. Feel free to reach out to jointheteam@emtdlab.com